Gary Chris Christensen III

son of Chris and Mickey Christensen






Mickey and Chris Christensenís story of the

founding of the Academy of Country Music



 Gary Chris Christensen III

In honor of his parents Chris and Mickey Christensen


The book and film is to be a memoir of Gary Chris Christensen III on his life growing up with his dad Chris Christensen I

and his mother Mickey and their ventures in the L.A. music scene.  The story goes from the corn fields of Iowa to working in

the jukebox and coin machine industry of Southern California, buying and running country music honky-tonks such as the

C&M Corral Nightclub with live music and dancing to the now infamous Red Barrel Nightclub (home of the first ACM Awards Dinner.)   Taking tips from Billy and Tommy Thomas owners of the Palomino nightclub and then taking their house band (The

Jerry Inman band).  Met and became good friends with musicians singer/songwriter Eddie Miller ("Please Release Me") and

local Disk Jockey and singer/songwriter himself Tommy Wiggins.


Where upon in 1964 they became the founding members of the Academy of Country and Western Music Assoc.  Chris Jr.

said, "My mom and dad really wanted to recognize the hard working musicians around Southern California and what was

becoming known as the "Bakersfield Sound".  Prior to this country music was referred to as "Shit kicking music" due to a

lot of fights over booze and pretty girls.  These musicians didn't get much in the way of publicity, fame or pay checks that the

artist from Nashville were receiving."


Early on Mickey had hired employee Fran Boyd who was married to Bill Boyd then  production manager of Dick Clark

Productions.  In 1969 Dick Clark became the MC of the 4th annual awards show and dinner.  Soon Dick Clark took the

show to TV and the world and from Los Angeles.  The ACM Award Show eventually landed and now resides at the MGM

Grand in Las Vegas.  Dick Clark Productions has been a huge part of taking country music and the "Bakersfield sound"



By Lisa Lee Forward by Reba McEntire

"The Academy of country Music Awards have made dreams come

true for 50 years now, for both the rising country star climbing onto

the stage to accept an ACM trophy and the dire-hard country fan

watching at home on the living room floor.   It's been that way since

the Academy's four feisty founders --country-and-western performer

Tommy Wiggins, songwriter Eddie Miller, and club owners Mickey

and Chris Christensen--decided it was time to shine a spotlight on

the hardworking musicians entertaining on the southern California



"And to Tommy, Mickey, and all those SoCal rebels who so long

ago set out to make their mark on the music they loved, we fellow

dreamers thank you for your foresight and courage--and for

helping make our dreams, whatever they may be, come to

fruition, too."

                              Lisa Lee, SVP, Creative & Content ACM                 




Mickey (center) on right Chris Christensen

with their bartender

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