Benford Standley, producer of the series has a 40+ year history working to help children and youth.

We want to use this series to help bring attention to this great program in SLO County that help

the kids, youth and families of the North County...and we hope that you will take the time to learn

more about the program and try to help in any way that you can!  thanks, Benford

The LINK’s mission is to “support children, youth and families by providing services and linking
resources to foster a safe, healthy and thriving community.” The LINK is a non-profit Family &
Youth Development Organization. The LINK runs a network of Family Resource Centers in North
San Luis Obispo County and serves youth and families by linking them to resources and services,
providing case management, and connecting them to concrete support in times of need.

At the heart of The LINK’s services are its Family Advocates, who work with The Paso Robles
and Atascadero School Districts to provide linkages to family and children in need of services
and support. The Family Advocates work in partnership with teachers, staff, and principals to
identify children who may be struggling socially and academically. The Family Advocates then
connect with the parents or caregivers and develop a partnership with them to access
resources and develop a plan to overcome their particular crisis.

Many of the services offered through The LINK’s Family Resource Centers (Atascadero LINK,
Paso Robles LINK, San Miguel LINK), include school and community based counseling, parent
education, child abuse prevention and education, system navigation and support, homeless
services and support, and connections to drug and alcohol services and support.

In 2012, The LINK worked with 1,750 unduplicated residents in San Luis Obispo County
providing direct intervention services to help them overcome crisis.

For more information, contact The LINK at (805) 466-5404.