Travis has been out lately on the road with

Kit Brooks, from Brooks and Dunn


Two time gold record winner Travis Howard returns to Paso Robles...


Travis Howard hit the road in early 2000 as a movie and country star.  A Georgia-native, Howard made his first mark as

a cast member on the first season of USA Network's "Nashville Star" in 2003.  It was on that show he began to pen some

of the hits which kicked off the blazing career of mega country star, Miranda Lambert.  In the fall of 2005 Travis also made

his cinematic debut in Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown" starring Orlando Bloom and Kristen Dunst.  He played the

mechanic in the 70s coming of age film, "The Garage".  He had music featured in Justin Timberlake's debut film, "Alpha

Dog" and "The Virgin of Juareq, starring Minnie Driver and Esai Morales.


Travis is living between Nashville and Los Angeles and jumping on tours lately with Kit Brooks of BROOKS AND DUNN

fame...and touring with a song writer group as well as a weekly songwriter show in Las Vegas.


Travis wrote a bucket full of songs with and for Miranda Lambert including, I Can't Be Bothered, Bring Me Down, Mama I'm

Alright, Famous in a Small Town, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Guilty in Here, Down, Heart Like Mine and more...





  ASCAP Nashville recently celebrated the songwriting success of member Travis Howard for co-writing Miranda Lambert’s #1 song “Heart Like Mine.” Travis has been one of Miranda's most trusted collaborators from the earliest stages of her career. He splits time between L.A. & Nashville, and on his most recent stop in Music City, I sat down

with Travis to get a brief history of his relationship with Miranda and the story behind the song. -Ryan Beuschel 


"Miranda and I started writing together almost immediately when we met in 2003 on Nashville Star. We were both just

drawn to each other’s interests and writing style. Plus, we fought like hornets. Three of the songs on Kerosene and six on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were songs we’d written together, so we already had a pretty worked-out writing style.

Ashley Monroe [the song's other co-writer] and I met when I was singing backgrounds on some demos for her in L.A.

around 2005. Just like Miranda, we really loved each other’s music, but Ashley and I hadn’t actually worked together.

The Lamberts used to do a family river float every summer in south Texas and I always went. One afternoon between drinking and floating, those two came out of a cabin and said, “Hey, we started this song but we can’t find a good way through the chorus.“


“I heard Jesus he drank wine / I bet we’d get along just fine.” That’s what they had. So my rural Georgia holy roller background kicked in and the rest of the chorus just flowed. Miranda says, “Great, we each wrote a verse so the last

one and the bridge are on you.” Honestly, writing with her is either easy as pie or impossible. This was just joyous.

I actually teared up as I was writing the “He’ll meet me with two long-stemmed glasses” verse.  Miranda and Ashley

are both forces of nature as writers. I believe that they’re changing the sound of country music and preserving its

integrity at the same time. I’m lucky to count them as my friends and even luckier to get to work with them."





Born at the foothills of the Appalachians. Chalybeate Springs, GA. John Travis Howard, son of John Curtis Howard, son of John Louis Howard, son of James Monroe Howard, son of John Steven Howard, captain in the confederate army.  He fought valiantly for what he believed in. Hell, they all did -- sometimes right, sometimes wrong. Each generation added their piece to or took away from what was worth fight for. 

Now it's my turn. I think Hummers are stupid but I drive an old Pontiac that gets 10 mpg downhill. I deride and malign people in power like I have any fuckin clue what they do or how they do it. I make fun of shallow Hollywood bullshit, but I look in the mirror every single day.     Not sure how this is gonna turn out....   Travis Howard


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