John andrew parks

John Andrew Parks was born in Dallas, Texas. He picked up his first guitar when he was three and started performing in first grade. He formed his first band in Jr. High School and was playing the local nightclub circuit by the time he was thirteen. Early on, he developed an avid interest in songwriting, and had his first song recorded by a local band as a sophomore in high school. At seventeen, after a tour in Michigan and Indiana, he moved to Los Angeles; and at eighteen, signed his first recording contract.

In his early recordings, he worked with several mega-hit producers such as (Ventures’ producer) Joe Saraceno, Jackie Mills and Ted Templeman. This in turn inspired him to hit the road and anchor his songs in the deep roots of real-life experience. This chapter was a solitary one. But, it also sparked the embers of a desire to work with other great artists, which led him to New York City. Here, amid the canyons of concrete, he designed, and operated ‘The Ranch’ recording studio in Manhattan. The Ranch became a haven for such acts as The Eurhythmics, Plasmatics, Blondie, KT Oslen, and a host of other greats. All the while, in the shadow of the stars, he worked on his songs.

During his tenure at The Ranch he learned the art of record production, and worked with many of the legends in the New York Music community such as Marianne Faithful, Dick Wagner (of Alice Cooper fame), and Mike Appel (the renowned manager for Bruce Springsteen). He and Appel produced the groundbreaking record “Planet Texas”, written by John Andrew and later on recorded as a single by Kenny Rogers for which John Andrew was awarded a gold record. “Planet Texas” coined a term that would soon be borrowed by the highly successful “Planet Hollywood” restaurant chain.

After recording with Appel, John Andrew was signed by the illustrious Bruce Lundvall at Capitol Records. Capitol released his first self-titled album, produced by John Andrew, John Boylan and Jerry Crutchfield, to much critical acclaim. It included his original full-length version of “Planet Texas”, still a staple at “Texas Rebel Radio”. The music community continues to herald his unique sound and style. Jim Fogelsong, a Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner, commented: “John Andrew Parks’ influence will be felt for decades to come.”