December 5, 2005 (Simi Valley, CA) -- Buck Page, a Western music legend currently living In Burbank, CA, has released his historic first solo
album "Right Place To Start". The release will be accompanied by 3 music videos for the CD, due to be commercially released later this year.
Special guest, R.W. Hampton added his award winning vocals on two duets. The releases coincide with the filming of a documentary on Buck’s life as
a Western Music Entertainer for over 70 years, expected to be completed in Spring of 2006. During his long and fruitful career, Buck was a regular
guest performer for President Reagan, Willie Nelson and a long list of many others.

Buck started his professional music career in 1936 at the age of 13, heavily influenced by Gene Autry during his early years. He has been
recognized as a “Living Legend” just to name one current award. Buck sees himself as being part of the beginning of Western Music culture. As a
teacher and an artist he has spent his life committed to Western Music. The heritage and ethics – important parts of the Cowboy’s ways of life -
have always been a top priority to Buck: he is the „Salt of the Earth” or  the “Real Deal” as people have called him over the years and this solo
project will soon prove to be a “Classic“.

“I wish to share my love for Western Music,” Buck says. “I encourage artists currently working in the Western Music field. My aim is to bring
Western Music to the public and other aspiring artists, in the hopes that they will follow the trails cut by myself and other Western artists and
involve themselves in the value and excitement of this true form of America's Music Heritage”

Buck has been a traveling and working entertainer all of his life. He has never been signed by any major label but has recorded three CD's in the
last 10 years with his “Riders of the Purple Sage est. 1936”. Buck has again been endorsed by Gretsch Guitars which monuments a 65 year
relationship (since 1940) with the Gretsch Family of world class musical instruments.






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It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Buck Page on his selection as one of the top 16 bands/artists in the West,

out of a field of over 1,300 submissions. Buck will be accepting his special invitation to have one song on

Disc Makers' Independent Music World Series CD ROM Compilation.


This CD ROM will include one song from each artist, as well as an enhanced section, which will include pictures, bios, and

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“After 70 years in the business and living through so many changes in the music industry, I am honored that Americans still

find enjoyment in Western Music and the heritage of the American Cowboy. What a birthday present for me! I turned 84

this month and I’ll be celebrating the National Day of the Cowboy with my fellow Americans on July 22, 2006.” Buck Page


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