Junior Brown


Love the news that old saddlepal

Junior Brown is headin out on the

road this summer with Bob Dylan.

Twas a great honor to have him

kick off the Rockin' Country Night

series...and we have already talked

to him about coming back for our

Internet/Cable show this fall...



Junior Brown has played everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry to rock showcases on the West Coast and his hometown of Austin, Texas, "crossover" is not synonymous with watered-down or light-weight.

Brown’s first two releases on Curb Records, 12 Shades Of Brown and Guit With It, have helped to establish him as a crowd favorite from Texas roadhouses to the hippest clubs of New York City and Europe.

There’s usually a wide-eyed look accompanying one who witnesses Brown’s unique instrumental prowess for the first time...or the second, or third, for that matter. To help facilitate his dexterity on both the standard 6-string and steel-guitars, Brown invented his own guitar hybrid, the "guit steel."

His talents have led major magazines like MUSICIAN to herald Brown as a genius. LIFE magazine honored him as the only contemporary musician included in their "All Time Country Band" and GUITAR PLAYER magazine’s 1994 "Best of" saw him #1 lap steel player, #2 country guitarist, and #3 country album ("GUIT WITH IT"). He has also made numerous television appearances on shows like THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, GOOD MORNING AMERICA and several others.

"A lot of people tell me they don’t like country music, but they like what I’m doing," says Junior Brown. "I hear that line more than anything else," which is ironic because a couple of licks is all it takes to erase any doubts concerning Junior’s stylistic allegiance. His music combines the soul of country and the spirit of rock n’ roll.

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