Hollywood county line



Jack Tempchin

What an incredible trip to see Jack sing the songs

he penned for the Eagles, "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

and "Already Gone"


Austin Hanks

Austin showed us why he is about to

head out on the road to open for Lynard

Skynard...he knocked our boots off...

Jack and Rocket Science on yet another Monday and Jack racks up another birthday...

HOLLYWOOD COUNTY LINE had it beginning this Night...the audience itself was a show

with many of the movers and shakers in the LA Country music scene and some of the great players like Kern Richards, Merle

Jagger, Randy Weeks, Michael Dart, Terry Hansen,  Scotty "Boy" McCoy & the Barbed Wire Boys, Joey Covington, Travis

Howard, Sin City's Shilah, Chad Watson and his pretty wife Pam, Denise Bradley, Paul Swartz from Radio Recorders where we are to do

a great songwriter show soon...and I know a bunch of names that I just forgot here at the wee hours of mornin that I am writing this...


Image by FlamingText.com

Image by FlamingText.com


Jack Tempchin and his Rocket Science Band took us on a great musical journey with class, humor and great flashbacks...

Did not take too long into Austin Hanks set to realize

why Lynard Skynard want him to open some shows, great

band, great show, great energy and Austin is just great

Ole Saddle pal Travis Howard sang some

backup with his ole buddy Hanks...he will be

on the Jack Ingram show July 24...Travis

has new CD out...click his name to get it

Shot of our high deff  camera shooting the night...excited to

be on the edge and working to bring you some of these shows

in High Deff ...stay tuned to the StudioClub.com for more...



Bunkhouse Band for the night...

Archie Francis setting in for Dave Raven and ooops did not get a shot of Bunkhouse bass player Taras,

but he was thar keeping it goin' strong...you got to get there early to see this house band rock the house...I have gotten

many many emails from folks that have seen the show saying how great the Bunkhouse Band part of the show is...


Joey Covington, from the

Jefferson Airplane and
Jefferson Starship...

Terry Hansen with the Bunkhouse

Happy Birthday Jack

Pam and Chad with some great songs...




We have some new Cowbelles

jumping in the Band Wagon next week

better check em out buckaroos...say

howdee to Kelsey and Lacey

Mark and Skip on stage talking about the show, we

were filming for a pilot for several cable networks

and staged a few jokes, hillbilly acts and some fun

stuff to get on film, thanks for folks and partners,

bands and others that endured a little venture to

take the time to shoot some little cuts of STUFF

on High Deff camera to take this show out on the

cutting edge of Multimedia...meanwhile back at

the ranch...Only a true Hillbilly can show or point

out to you the general direction of "yonder."


Junior Brown

Leon Russell

Joe Ely

LA Night

Rosie Flores

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Travis, Karen, Terry and SinCity's Shilah chat at the bar...

Karen and Shilah have done alot for our kinda music here

"So rock you can roll with it, so country you can step in it...a Hollywood Hootenanny"



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