In place elements for the Pioneer Troubadour...





Website serves as center for the Multiplatform Series at:

The PT Youtube channel is a big part of the business plan for the project.  We are still in development

on this element of the project, however at this date have over 370 Subscribers to the channel.  Our top

video has had near 38,000 views, with over     We are getting 4,000 views a month on our channel.


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Our youtube channel is approved for LIVE STREAMING. 


Our FaceBook page has 1,323 members on the page, this will grow considerably when we get some

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"The Internet continues to grow separate from the economies downturn..."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt





We have produced a series of shows at the historic Pine Street Saloon in Central Ca, and have arrangement to continue to run the shows during the

Fall of this year each Thursday.  Plans are to begin to run the shows as live streaming broadcast

in October or early November, and the Saloon will be a location for a number of our

interviews and shows of folks rollin' down the Highway 101...the show is about

Troubadours...and music History...this location fits the bill for plans to do series and

individual shows here for the next year.

more about the saloon on the HISTORY link.

To see the online virtual show go to:



Here are a couple of the shows we posted on the Pioneer Troubadours Series from the Pine Street Saloon...



Kenny Lee Lewis, 35 + years with Steve Miller Band

and lives in Central California area


Travis Howard, tours with Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn

and wrote a dozen huge country hits...




1. Interview with Les Paul, our honorary Pioneer Troubadour.
2. Interview with Marty Stewart talking about each of our original Pioneers.
3. Short intro with Willie Nelson and Ramblin Jack Elliott
4. Short intro with Kris Kristofferson and Ramblin Jack Elliott



5. Shots of the original Pioneers on the bus pickin and singing.
6. Great pictures and footage of Rock 'n' Roll busses, to further tell the story of troubadours and
    highways, road houses and honkytonks, barn dances and buskin around the country...
7. Pics of our ole boys with Eric Clapton, Marty Stewart, Santana, Willie Nelson, Skunk Baxter
    Kris Kristofferson, James Burton (Elvis' guitar player) and other legends.  I have a huge

    collection of photos I have taken of many of the greats in music, and road shots.
8. Several hours hour of interview footage  with the Pioneers just talking about their careers and

    the biz, and when they got their first guitars, early days touring, shots of them in the hotel

    rooms, loading on the bus and other classic footage from our trip.

9. Huge amount of film footage on the Bob Dylan and Merle Haggard tour

10.  We are developing the site to stay current with

    the digital paradigm shift.

11. Footage of Janette Carter of the famous Carter Family.  We have had over 12,000 views of

    this cut on our Pioneer Troubadours youtube page

12. Footage of Buck Page with Eddie Dean, the Arizona Cowboy

13. Footage of Toby Keith and Merle Haggard jamming on Toby's bus




14. The trailer is complete. 


15. We've set up promotions for the series on the high traffic entertainment site


16. Merle Haggard penned a the song "Troubadour" in 1994, and we have talked to Merle about

using the song as a theme song for the project. I have also talked to Willie Nelson about the

project and we have the door open to pitch the idea to use "On The Road Again."  I have also

talked to Jackson Browne's office and have a green light to use "Running On Empty" and some

of the cuts off that album.


17. I've been spending time doing further research on the script with info on Troubadours and

Medicine Shows, and some personal history about our Troubadours from their own personal

archives, and the Icons that they play with, like Woody Gutherie, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly,

Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard and other greats.





18. I've had talks with a number of major artist to let us do shoots of them for the series that

includes Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and a number of other acts. 

At this time in the biz...there is not an artist that would now want the exposure of their work and

career that this project offers.


19. We plan to target the area that most artist travel a number of times each year between

Los Angeles and San Francisco.  There is not an artist in the music business that is not

traveling north or south on Interstate 5 or the 101.  To keep our production and travel time to a

minimum we will schedule with artist on these two main roads and during concerts that these

highways take them to.


20. Our Production Team


The evolving Digital Worlds are part of the paradigm shift that we're seeing now in

the entire entertainment business.  New Media, Social Networking, and the multi-

platform, trans delivery of music, film, tv and vod on the Internet, and mobile is the

3rd screen, user generated content, and other digital innovations that are just now

being released, will be part of the broadcast...