Diamond Dave Somerville

You can call him an old timer, but keep your

AARP card and Medicare application because

Diamond Dave can hold his own with anyone,

no matter what age they are.  Words can not

tell what a hush was over the room as

Diamond Dave told stories and sang the
music that made up much of the history 
of Rock & Roll.  And, it was all true because
he was there.  In the fall of '57, after topping 
the charts with 8 hits, Dave Somerville and 
THE DIAMONDS joined a legendary Rock & 
Roll bus tour with other rising stars--Fats 
Domino, Buddy Holly & The Crickets, The 
Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Paul Anka, 
The Drifters, La Vern Baker, Eddie Cochran,
Buddy Knox, Clyde McPhatter and Frankie
Lymon.  For two months of one-nighters 
these founding fathers of Rock & Roll
barnstormed North America while making

musical  history and sharing unforgettable


A Pioneer Troubadour

Diamond Dave



"You are one of them sexy
Diamonds...I would scream
four times for you!"

Little Richard 

Bob Dylan said:

"The songs I wrote at that age
were just four chords rhythm
and blues songs.  Based on
things that the Diamonds
would sing."


Dave was introduced to his first 45 record player by Buddy Holly on one of the Greyhound buses that he
and the Crickets shared.  This was the only fitting since Dave and The Diamonds' "Little Darlin" was the
first hit record on that new seven inch innovation, the 45 RPM record.  The Diamonds formed in 1953 with
Dave Somerville, Phil Levitt, Ted Kowalski and Bill Reed.  All were vocalists and were riding the road
of the beginning of Rock and Roll.


Diamond Dave with Dave Ballard, who wrote "The Twist"

It is said that sometimes in the next
5 minutes, the voice of Dave
Somerville will electrify the airwaves
somewhere in the world.  As the 
lead singer (and founding member)
of The Diamond's song "Little
Darlin', one of the seminal songs of
rock and roll, and classics such as 
"Why do Fools Fall In Love,"
"Silhouettes" and "The Stroll," his
vocals on these anthems have be-
come staples of radio programming.
check out his site at:
With Dave on the left is 
Glen Larson
who was original member of the 
FOUR PREPS and who is creator
and ex-producer of shows like 
"Quincy" "McCloud," "Magnium
P.I.," "Fall Guy," "Battle
Star Galatica" and many 
other great TV series.

This is an incredible CD...for your kids

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Diamond Dave Somerville's "On The 1957 Rock & Roll Greyhound Bus" CD recaptures his classic magical 

work with THE DIAMONDS, and keeps the spirit and sound of ROCK & ROLL's FIRST MAJOR TOURING SHOW
alive. DIAMOND DAVE sings the hits and tells the road stories... "Diamond Dave's voice, personality and stage
presence are unbeatable!" - FOX Entertainment.

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