Middllejohn has written more than 150 songs and plays guitar, pedal steel and bass, and been playing since he was

11 years old, started writing music at the age of 15, and his first gig for money was age 15. Middlejohn has opened for

Bob Dylan, Canned Heat (3 times), Elvin Bishop, and James Cotton.  He's recorded with John Cipollina, Buddy Cage,

Nicky Hopkins, Hutch Hutchinson, Merl Saunders, Novato Frank Band, Ghosts, and Argentina Turner.  Over the years

he's played with Willie Nelson, Ty Porter & Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers) Johnnie Johnson  (Chuck Berry Piano Player)

Robert Hunter, Jerry Corbitt of Youngbloods, John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Merle Saunders and

a number of others...He has played in the Argentina Turner Band, The Ghosts, Novato Frank Band, The Jerry Corbitt

Band, and the Road Alligators.





John "Middlejohn" Wilmes can be found on facebook broadcasting his Weimar Report...

Created in Weimar, California. Weimar Report is created by folks who truly care and is unedited, unabashed, unashamed, unadulterated, unafraid, uncut,

uninterrupted and in the here and now. The Weimar Report is brought to you by ACME the makers of fine products for fine people.





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